tea sets

You can enjoy tea in many ways. We have developed different approaches.... just simple tea in a pot, as well as refined, connected to the Asian tradition. Tea and silver have a long tradition. In many cultures we find silver teapots and it is known, that after more and more use of the pot the teas develop a wonderful taste. In many a culture this silverware was also a value you could take with you and change for other needs in difficult times. Most important for us is the fact that we like to design objects that will give you this feeling of well being, sharing. Let the tea leaves develop the great taste in your pot. Take your time and put a little sip in the smelling vessel, let your nose do the work. Than fill your cup and have the full experience.

In the following pages we like to introduce some of our teapots and tea-sets. Enjoy and be aware of the fact that we will continue to develop and create new items . Most of our tea-sets are unique pieces. sometimes we produce a limited edition of nine pieces and of course we are happy to design also your private and personal tea-set.



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